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These Hands Were Made for eBay

Someone in Pennsylvania has put up something for auction that is beyond odd. It borders on the pathetic with a slight hint of someone needing attention. Here’s the auction, in the owners (can you own a slap?) own words.

Up for bid is a hard hand smack to the face by my lovely wife! This is a 1 time smack only! You MUST travel to the location of what is chosen! You MUST be fully clothed with nothing covering your face! This will be a hard slap and you will be signing a waver so that no lawsuit happens due to any injury/injuries that may occur! I, (Her Husband), will be there to protect her! NO TYPE OF RECORDING WILL BE USED! After bid is final, the arrangment will be made! This is for both women and men! Can you take a hard slap to the face by my lovely wife?

If I were you I’d avoid this auction—you can probably find someone that lives a lot closer to you to give you a slap for free. No, really.

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