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Toast Me Baby

You get up in the morning and pop some bread into the toaster for breakfast. Watch out! You might not end up with toast but with EBay Toast!

This is where you’re going along with your normal morning routine and suddenly the likeness of Abraham Lincoln appears on your toast!

You have two options: chew up old Abe and go on about your business, or put it up for auction on eBay.

Will people bid on such a thing? Oh goodness, you vastly underestimate people’s desire for the bizarre if you think something like that won’t garner dozens of bids!

People have purchased the likeness of the Virgin Mary on a toasted cheese sandwich, and even the likeness of the famed creator of the Daleks on toasted bread.

If toast isn’t your thing, then perhaps you might consider buying a possessed pancake from a family in Germany who are selling it in order to free themselves from the evil it has brought to their family. Strange things began happening in their home after the pancake was created during a loss of electricity.

And if you’re wondering—yes, the pancake was sold at auction. We don’t yet know if the demon took up residence with the new pancake owner.

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