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Broken Hearts = Brokered Deals

Once upon a time there was a man and a woman who fell madly in love. They loved each other so much that they decided to seal their love by entering into the holy bonds of matrimony. For a while all was bliss, sunshine, roses and fluffy kittens. Life was good.

Then one day the man came home early from work to surprise her and ended up surprising himself instead. He discovered that the love of his life was cheating on him with his best friend.

How to handle this situation? Sell all her stuff on eBay of course! And if that’s not enough revenge, remember those pictures you took of her on your honeymoon? Yep, toss those into the sale batch as well. How about the video of her cheating on you with her married boyfriend? Why not?

Some people have actually posted auctions to sell the cheating spouse. We’re fairly certain that the sale of humans, cheating or otherwise, is illegal.

EBay will pull any ad that violates their terms of service, but sometimes the auctions are left up long enough for the ad to become infamous.

So remember, if you’re going to do something naughty like cheating on a spouse or a significant other, you may not only lose your stuff but you could be put up for sale.

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