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Reflections on Reflective Surfaces

You may have heard (and if you were very unlucky, seen) the story about a gentleman who had a lovely silver tea kettle he wanted to sell on eBay.

Most sellers know that in order to make sale they need to post a picture of their item. It should be an exceptional picture and one that stands out from all the other items for sale.

This particular gentleman went above and beyond the call of duty in photographing his item.

We don’t know if it was a hot day when the picture was taken, but what we do know is that the seller was engaging in photography while wearing only his birthday suit.

The reason we know this is not because he told anyone but because he seemed to have forgotten that a silver tea kettle is a reflective surface and posted the picture he’d taken with his nude body gracing the front of the kettle.

I’m not going to give you the picture here because it’s disturbing on many levels. Suffice it to say that it’s still available to view online if you’re of a mind to Google such things as ‘naked man reflected on eBay’, but we wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a strong stomach.

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