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You Thought eBay Was Serious

And for the most part, it’s very serious. Buying, selling, making money on all kinds of things; it’s big business.

You know eBay. It’s huge and growing bigger every year. It’s become the world’s biggest garage sale, fire sale, going-out-of-business sale and every other kind of sale you can think of.

People sell things they don’t need any more, they sell things they’ve created, they sell mundane items and things that would make your mama blush.

If you’ve ever spent time perusing the thousands of ads on eBay, then you may have come across a few things that were odd, strange or downright bizarre.

You’re not alone. Even Jay Leno from The Tonight Show on NBC has a regular piece about the crazy things put up for sale on eBay. Mr. Leno offers up an item and asks the audience to say if they think it’s sold on eBay or not. There are some very crazy things going on in the world of eBay.

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